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Filename Size Date
Accessibility Plan 2019-2022.pdf 235.1KB 19/07/2021
Charging & Remissions Policy 2021-2022.pdf 139KB 19/07/2021
Complaints Policy 2021-2022.pdf 157.5KB 19/07/2021
Equalities Statement 2018-2022.pdf 211.2KB 19/07/2021
Admission Arrangements Policy - Pupils 2021-2022.pdf 172.6KB 23/09/2021
Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions 2021.pdf 365.8KB 23/09/2021
RSE Policy - 2021-2022.pdf 545.6KB 28/09/2021
SEN Policy 2021-2022.pdf 315.8KB 28/09/2021
Data Protection Policy - 2021-2022.pdf 334.6KB 28/09/2021
CCTV Policy 2021-2022.pdf 206.9KB 19/10/2021
Code of conduct for parents 2021-2022.pdf 120.4KB 23/11/2021
Equal Oppportunities Policy March 2020-2022.pdf 98.2KB 23/11/2021
Racial Equality Policy 2021-2022.pdf 129.6KB 23/11/2021
FOI Act Policy 2021 - 2022.pdf 297.4KB 23/11/2021
English as Additional Language 2021-2022.pdf 145.6KB 24/11/2021
Medication in School Policy 2021-2022.pdf 250.0KB 24/11/2021
Medication in School Permission Form.docx 24.1KB 24/11/2021
WWJS Privacy Notice Pupils 2019.pdf 94.5KB 24/11/2021
Inclusion Policy 2021-2023.pdf 124.4KB 29/11/2021
Parental Concerns Policy Dec 2021-Dec 2022.pdf 233.8KB 09/12/2021
School Uniform Policy 2021-2022.pdf 224.1KB 07/01/2022
Physical Restraint Policy January 2022.pdf 378.5KB 20/01/2022
Children with health needs who cannot attend school Polic... 202.6KB 31/01/2022
Safeguarding Supervision Policy 2022.pdf 242.4KB 01/02/2022
EHWB Policy 2022-2023.pdf 396.2KB 10/03/2022
Anti-Bullying Policy 2022-23.pdf 332.1KB 21/03/2022
Cornerstones Policy 2021-2022.pdf 573.9KB 21/03/2022
Behaviour policy (new) Jan 2022.pdf (1) 1.3MB 21/03/2022
TWSP Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy 2021-22 .pdf 662.9KB 25/03/2022
Peer on Peer Abuse April 2022-2023.pdf 573.9KB 12/05/2022