Year 3 Stone Age day

Happy new year everyone! Hope you had a fabulous Christmas break 😀.

During the first week back, we have a special day planned for each year 3 class to introduce the children to the Stone Age. They will be taking part in lots of activities in the outdoors. Could you please send your child in with warm, old clothes and wellies/old shoes to wear? They can come to school as usual in their uniform and we will get them changed at school 👍🏻. Also, if they have a blanket, could they bring one in? We want to make a fire and sit around it ‘caveman’ style! 

3C Monday 7th January

3L Tuesday 8th January

3J Wednesday 9th January

This is a great way to start the new year and get the children fired up and ready to learn more about the Stone Age.

Thank you :)

Mrs Cowan