World Book Day! Tuesday 3rd March

Tonight, your lovely children will bring home a letter with information about World Book Day. We will be celebrating World Book day 2 days earlier on the 3rd March. Year 4 and 6 are both out on the 5th and they don’t want to miss out!

Each year group will be completing activities based around a book or an author. From 2.30 onwards, parents are invited in to come and have a look at the awesome work that has taken place during WWJS’s World Book Day.

Children are invited to wear their pyjamas for a ‘Book at Bedtime’ theme. However, if they want to dress up, they can! They can bring in blankets and pillows to get cosy with their book during the day. There will be several half hour ‘Drop Everything and Read!’ events that all staff and children will be taking part in.

World Book Day celebrates the joy and value of books and reading, especially for children. To help get them started on their reading journey, every child will receive a £1 World Book Day Book Token that can either be exchanged for a special £1 World Book Day books or used to get £1 off any book costing £2.99 or more.