What we are planning for September

In September, we are expecting as the DFE tells us, that we will be back to normal in school with all of our children back full time. As we have some of the smallest classes in the authority, we will have no trouble with the limit of 30 per bubble of children.

We are very aware though of the effect that this pandemic has had on our children. In light of this, we have planned what we are called a recovery curriculum for the first half term in September. This will involve the children being given the chance to explore their feelings and worries, catch up on skills missed during lockdown, practise the methods we use to help them develop good mental health and also to teach them how to learn again.

Above all, we want our children to heal and we don’t believe that going back to school expecting the kids to work at the pace expected of them before Covid is possible. Many of you will have put a great deal of effort into making the time away from school as educational and enjoyable as possible and it’s our turn now to build upon that but also to equalise things for those children who may well have spent the whole time in isolation meeting no one and doing nothing.

Please use this link to read about why we are doing this and please fell free to express your thoughts about our work.

Framework for Recovery at WWJS – parents