Tomorrow afternoon’s News!

We are exactly at the midpoint of the school year and so we want to remind everyone of the importance of their mental health and the chance to find some down time in the day for a brain break. Children (especially those with exams coming up) can often feel overwhelmed by pressure and as much as we try to lighten the load, they need a chance to switch off – as we as adults should too.

So, on Friday afternoon we are going to have a brain break session. The children will be allowed to bring in anything that they enjoy using on their own for a relaxing hour, something that they can switch off with – toys, books, puzzles even electronics (with headphones if possible) but no phones please. They can also bring in slippers and cushions or blankets – things that they use to feel secure and happy. They will be supplied with water to remind them of the importance of hydration and a very small snack to occupy their body with digestion rather than anxiety. We will try different styles of music to help calm the mind and also some aromas that are beneficial to relaxation.

We are hoping that the child you get back at 3:20pm will have learnt some important skills of relaxation and will be very chilled when you see them.