Today’s announcement

Hello everyone and I hope you are all well?

As you have probably heard today, it seems that we will not be getting our school back to normal at any point before the summer as yet. We are open for the Year 6 children who wish to be back in school and also for the children of Key Workers and are currently looking after about 10 children in each group.

If your child is not in either of those groups and you are caring for them at home as well as coping with the madness the world is throwing at us at the moment, we salute you, but also remind you that we are available to you by email or phone call at ANY time. If you need ideas, suggestions or formal work for your child or just need a chat or a moan, then please don’t hesitate to call or email school at any time.  We will do our best to help.

We are all desperate to get our school family back together again but can only do so when it is safe to do so and when we can fit everyone in! That doesn’t mean we have forgotten those children not here – we will leave you in peace if you wish but are there whenever you need us.

We have 5 weeks left before the end of this academic year and haven’t had information yet as to what will be expected of us in September. Please rest assured that we are all keeping everything crossed that we can be a “normal” school again as soon as is safely possible. Some people seem to think that school staff are loving this situation and are having an extended holiday; please tell such people that the staff are currently working on a special curriculum for the children in school, supporting the children who can’t be with us and also planning ahead for September – we realise that our kids are going to need a very special curriculum then to allow them to recover and heal from the experience they have had, through no fault of their own, so our staff are exploring how that might look to best support the academic side of what our kids need but also, and more importantly to us, to make sure that we put their mental health first! If you are feeling confused, sad and angry about the way we are having to live at the moment, can you imagine how the children must be feeling and we feel that we need to be ready for this when we get together again.

Rest assured that any information that needs to be shared with you will be done so as soon as we have it. Please email me with any questions or concerns that you might have and do not be afraid to call. There is someone in school every day from about 8am until 6pm. I myself am there every day and am happy to see (from a socially acceptable distance) /speak/hear from you.

If you are a Year 6 parent or a Key Worker, we ask that you give us notice if you decide that you’d like to send your child into school. I ask for a week’s notice in order to prepare rooms and organise staffing as we are working in pods of children and staff at the moment with limited numbers in each.

Please share this message so that it reaches as many people as possible and also please continue to look after yourselves and our little ones. We are looking forward to getting our Team Wrockers back together again and you parents are a big part of that.

Julie X