The Journey to Recovery at WWJS

The Recovery Curriculum

Due to the closure of schools for the majority of children during the global Covid-19 pandemic, we believe that it is essential to re-evaluate and adapt our approach to the provision on offer for our children when they return to us. We acknowledge that our children’s world as they know it has evaporated, their routines and social structures lost and their anxieties heightened due to the uncertainty that currently surrounds them. Our ultimate priority is for our children to safely return to school with love, care and compassion at the heart of the transition so they are able to learn to learn again.

Our ethos of ‘Love, Laugh, Learn’ will be at the heart of a curriculum focussed on well-being and recovery. We will continue to provide a safe, caring and loving environment where friendships, happiness and wellness are nurtured and prioritised.

Through our Recovery Curriculum, we aim to ensure that our children are immersed into a positive and supportive learning environment, where social and emotional needs are addressed first and foremost to enable successful learning to take place. Our approach will have a strong emphasis on ‘learning to learn again’ through a cross-curricular curriculum, with wellbeing at its heart. We will encourage children to share experiences and challenge their thinking in a nurturing and supportive environment, supported by a loving, caring and dedicated staff team.

Our academic focus within the Recovery Curriculum aims to carefully and sensitively consider and address the missed learning opportunities of our children. It might be that some children are ready for more academic focuses than others. Therefore, as always, our children will be gently monitored and their next steps in learning will be identified, which will enable all children to make individual progress in all areas.

The recovery framework is based upon the work of Barry Carpenter and the Evidence for Learning team, as well as DfE guidance, which sets out the importance of recognising the trauma and loss that children will have been through during the Covid-19 pandemic. Successful transition for children to enable them to once again become happy, confident learners is therefore key. The primary focus of our Recovery Curriculum is therefore to ‘help children to recover from their loss of routine, structure, friendship, sleep, opportunity and freedom’.

Our framework of recovery will identify individual needs using a pathway of support, which is aimed at joint recovery by working closely with parents and carers.