Staff News

As we approach the end of term, we also have only a few weeks left to work with 4 very important members of staff.

Mrs Holly Evans will be leaving us to move to St. Georges Primary School from September as their Senco; She has stepped in to fill this role in our school and really deserves the chance to lead her own department now. Holly started here as an NQT and has been an exceptional class teacher for many years and she will be missed by the children and staff alike. She will certainly never be forgotten by Team Wrockers!

Mrs Sarah De Souza is also leaving in July; she is using her years of experience and skills as a TA and will be training to be a teacher. We hope that she will be back at dome point in her career and wish her every happiness and luck in her chosen path.

Mrs Stacey Branagh who has stepped into Year 4 and been a Godsend in this weirdness is also leaving us to spend some time with her young family. We hope that she will soon return in some way and that she knows how much we appreciate her wonderfully calm and friendly ways during this time.

Mrs Ashely Fotheringham is also going away with her family back home to Scotland as her husband is in the RAF. We will certainly miss her in the staffroom and the place will certainly be quieter and less fun without her. We wish her and Chloe all the best and hope that they visit whenever they can.

Mrs Jenny Morris is still unable to work for the time being due to a serious back problem. We hope that she gets the surgery she needs and the outcome is successful for her.

Apart from these changes, the staff will be exactly as it is this year, with the addition of Miss Lorren Giles to Year 4 and my own departure at Christmas.. We will be letting you know further news on the new Head Teacher,  on tis year’s reports and next year’s classes very soon.

Keep an eye out on here and on the school FB page for updates.