September Opening – Please share.


Dear Parents and Carers,

This letter will include the latest information we have on what the situation will be in September. Of course Boris may make different announcements over the next six weeks, and we will go to plan Q, R or s or whatever plan we are on now!

We have been very careful in following the guidelines issued by the DFE to ensure the safety of all our school community. As a result of this school will be slightly different as the following has been put into place.

  1. All children will be washing their hands regularly throughout the day – NHS advice still indicates that this is the best way to combat COVID.
  2. We are having staggered drop off times and pickups, please can I ask that you are prompt to support our social distancing. These times are at the bottom of this letter for each year group as well as which entrance your child should use. If you have any issues regarding the times for drop off and pick up in connection with your work, please let me know and I will try to find a way to help. We are all hoping that this is a short-term measure.
  3. Unfortunately, parents aren’t going to be allowed into the school building or playgrounds. The exception to this is for Year 3 on the first day back. Their parents will be allowed onto school to take their child around to the fire door of their class. If you wish to see a member of staff please can I ask that you phone school and arrangements will be made in order for you to do this. I will also be asking teachers to be very responsive to DOJO messages. Please make sure you are registered and are able to send and receive messages.
  4. If your child is late could you please ensure they enter school through the main pedestrian entrance and come to the office so we can take them to their class.
  5. When dropping off and picking up please can I ask that you return and wait in your car or away from school if your children have different times for collection and drop off.
  6. Once in school children aren’t required to social distance within their bubble, which is firstly their class and then their year group at certain times. This means that they aren’t required to stay 2 metres away from each other. They are required to remain socially distanced from other years so we have implemented staggered break times and lunchtimes in order for this to happen
  7. We will be limiting where possible the number of staff that are working with your child.
  8. If you wish to see our COVID risk assessment it is on our school website
  9. Please can your child come to school with a small pencil cases containing pencils, coloured pencils and other stationery items they can fit in – this will help us to limit what will need cleaning at the end of each day. As well as this they will only need their lunch and PE kit (which should be left for the whole week) and NOTHING else please.



During the Autumn term we will be continuing to offer a hot food option or a sandwich bar facility at lunchtime. The children are given a choice of fillings for their sandwich/baguette (ham, cheese, tuna) alongside fruit, a salad pot, a choice of desserts and a drink. This is free for free school meal children. For all other pupils the cost is £2.30. I would like to encourage as many pupils as possible to take up this school meal offer as this will limit the amount of things being bought into school. Any meals will need to be paid for online please as we are not supposed to handle any cash. The children will eat in their year groups in the hall if they have hot food. Sandwiches can be eaten outside if the weather is good.


Uniform – All children will be expected to return to school in full school uniform. Please can I ask that children wear plain black shoes and a school sweatshirt or cardigan that has the school logo on it. We do not expect any further items with logos as we feel they are too expensive. We are selling pre-loved sweatshirts and cardigans for £1 each too.

We will be doing PE or some form of exercise every morning so children will require PE kit in school every day. PE will be undertaken outside as much as possible so plain black or navy track suit bottoms are recommended. Please can I ask that all uniform is clearly named so lost property can be returned to your child. Please check our website for details of the required uniform.


If your child is feeling unwell during the day we need to be able to contact you quickly. Please can you ensure that we have up to date contact details on our system and that you’re contactable throughout the school day. If we suspect you child is showing symptoms of Coronavirus you will be directed to take you child to be tested which I will organise through Telford and Wrekin council. Whilst waiting for results it is essential that your family self isolates as advised by the Government. All the recommended procedures will be followed whilst waiting for you to pick up your child. If your child or anybody living in your household has symptoms of COVID whilst at home please can you alert the school as soon as possible so I am able to implement the correct procedures to ensure we can contain the outbreak.


It is vital that your child returns to school in September. The Government have announced fines for those parents whose children don’t attend, so if you are worried or anxious please phone or e-mail me so we can make sure you feel confident sending your child back. It is understandable if you have concerns, so please do talk to us.

Please don’t keep your child off school unnecessarily again this will result in the LA issuing fines.


We will be working very hard to work to ensure we make up for the time the children have lost due to Lockdown. We would really appreciate if you could support us by continuing to hear your child read and if appropriate learn times tables over the summer. We will be sending more details of our Recovery Curriculum in September.


For the time being we can not offer these but will do so as soon as we are given the nod!


If you need to contact me over the summer my e-mail address is,uk please feel free to use this and I will aim to respond within 24 hours.


ALL children will return to school on Wednesday 2nd of September as we have a planned PD on Tuesday 1st September.

Finally, all that is left to say is I hope that you and your family have a very happy and safe summer. We have missed the children enormously and we are looking forward to seeing them all in September.

With love



The times will be reviewed after a few weeks to see how it goes.
  Drop of time Entrance to get into school Pick up time
Year 3 8:40 Pedestrian gate on church Rd., and then around the outside of school to the fire door of your room 2:50
Year 4 8:50 St. Luke’s drive entrance. 4G to their fire door and 4B to theirs. 4DW to enter via the school kitchen. 3:00
Year 5 9:00 Pedestrian gate and then into school through the entrance by the office and up the stairs to your room 3:10
Year 6 9:10 Car park gate and then around school to your fire door (6K & 6S) or to your door if you’re in 6P 3:20