School disco

We have a wonderful time at the school discos last night and the children showed off some dance moves I wouldn’t be able to do in a million years. all the children were collected on time and my thanks go to the staff who stayed behind to supervise the disco in your own time; I appreciate it!

One point was made obvious to us though. We will be banning children from bringing any phones to any future discos. We were not aware that there were children there recording and photographing the event which sounds very innocent but we do have children whose image cannot be shared on any type of social media.

Some children have apps on their phone that are not allowed for primary age children and were sharing these images. If you know that your child has any of these apps or has photos or films from last night, please delete them or call into school with the phone and we can do it for you.

For this reason (amongst many others) we ask that no phones come to school.