Mrs Henry’s news

Dear Parents, Carers and Children,

I have told the children this week of my decision to retire next July when this current school year ends. This has been a long and difficult decision to make as this school is such a special place and the thought of not being able to see you all every day is not something I’m really prepared for.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the past thirteen years and could not have wished for a better set of parents, children and colleagues with which to end my teaching career. The support and encouragement I have received here has been priceless to me and I will never forget the friendships I have gained here too. I do not believe there is a community in the country with as big a heart as this one, and your love and care for others, including myself, are exemplary. To be considered as a leader of a school is such a community is an honour and a privilege.

I aim to spend a lot of the time in retirement reading, relaxing and travelling. My husband has also agreed that we can finally get a dog as we are both going to be at home a lot more! When I get fed up of him, husband not dog(!) I would love to be able to visit every so often.

I will obviously be here until the end of this academic year and will leave in July when our current year 6 move on to pastures new. The Governing Body of the school have already met to start the process of finding the next Headteacher and they will keep you updated at every point in the journey.

Thanks so much for everything you have done for me,

With love,