Monday 23rd March

Thank you to all our families who have found a place to safely leave their children today. We really appreciate it.

I have staff in today who are very anxious about what they might be passing onto the children we have in and also about what they might be taking home at the end of the day. They have still come in though to make sure we had enough people to cover. One member of staff was sworn at as she walked to work by 2 different drivers who asked her what on earth she was doing walking about (but in far less savoury terms); when she showed them her school ID and explained that she was required to do so and that they should mind their own business (!), the brave drivers scuttled off (presumably to their crucial jobs??)

The children are being great; keeping their 2 metre distance as much as they can and washing hands at every opportunity. It is a very strange day for them and must be hugely unsettling to be with staff they don’t really know and without the routines they have become so used to.

If you require a place tomorrow, please send your child in with a toy of their own to play with to avoid us using all our wipes and also their own tablet or laptop if they have one so that we don’t have to decontaminate the school equipment each day.  Scooters are welcome too. A packed lunch is still required (unless FSM) and from tomorrow please can kids come in their own clothes which are clean each day – this is to avoid spreading the virus. We will be doing the same. If you need a place please can you either email me or reply on here so that I can have the least number of staff as possible to limit the footfall and number of people out and about as required by Boris.

I hope this madness calms down quickly – it’s certainly not how  I wanted my last year here to end. We will help all we can and thanks to those of you who are doing the same.