Mathematics is taught for one hour every day and children are required to develop their knowledge of a range of complex topics. We teach to a model called the 20:20:20 model. This gives the children time to have the subject explained to them, to work as a group to explore and explain the ideas themselves and then the time to work on their own to move their skills forward. Activities are delivered in stages of Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum so that every child can move their skills forward and be constantly challenged. We are focusing on building the reasoning and problem solving skills of our children as these are the types of skills that they will need in later life when using their maths skills in ‘real’ situations.

We expect children to develop their knowledge of multiplication in their own time and also use the  and TT rockstars websites to work on the tasks that have been assigned to them as homework.

Useful Documents

Our calculating policy – Which calculation methods each child should be able to use in each year group: Calculating Policy


Our plans – a break down of what your child will be taught in Maths, and when:Maths Schedule