We keep homework to a minimum as we believe that children can learn a lot from having the free time and energy to enjoy clubs such as cubs and brownies to develop their skills and have fun in a range of areas.

The main homework activity that we expect our children to complete is to read at home. Children should read aloud to an adult 3 times a week if possible. This must then be recorded in the reading diary. Reading at home allows children to develop a love of books and also affords them the individual reading time that we cannot find for every child in a busy school day, we appreciate your support in this.

Along with reading, we also provide Maths homework through the use of two websites. TT Rockstars gives your child the chance to work on the simpler maths skills that they need to know off by heart before reaching Year 5 & 6. Mymaths is a little trickier, but is ideal for learning the more complicated skills that your child will need to develop if they want to reach the top grades. To receive the correct username and password for your child, please contact their teacher.