Geography and history form the basis for many of our topics across the school. Areas of history such as Romans, Tudors and the Stone Age are covered in various year groups and are thoroughly enjoyed by the children. Such interesting and engaging topics are normally made even more enjoyable through trips and activity days to give children a true understanding of what life was like in the past and how it shapes our present and future.

Geographical knowledge, skills and understanding are taught in topics across school, and maintain many of our cross curricular links. The ‘Frozen’ science topic in Year 6 allows children to think about the impact of mankind on the antarctic and ‘Scream Machine’ in year 5 allows children to explore where the world’s most famous theme parks are. A lot of environmental work is also covered in Forest Schools sessions with Mr. Pearson, where children get to enjoy and explore nature in our wildlife area.


For more information on which Geography and History topics are taking place, check our whole school curriculum maps on the main curriculum page.