Computing has replaced the old-style ICT lessons of days gone by. Gone are the days of solely focussing on Microsoft Office programs such as Word and Powerpoint, the curriculum has developed to include tasks such as coding, creating computer games and running simulations and models. In their computing lessons with Mrs. Brayne your child will learn to use a range of systems, programs and coding languages, including Scratch, Python and html.

E-safety also forms a bedrock of our computer curriculum, with specific units to teach children the skills that they should use when on computers. This however needs to be backed up at home with sensible rules being put in place and age appropriate websites, games and apps being accessible to your children.

If you want information on apps, games or social media to see if it is appropriate we highly recommend that you take a look at NSPCC Net Aware.


Click here to view the long term plan and rationale behind our use of computers and computing in our teaching.