Religious Education & Collective Worship


We are a Church of England school.  We have a strong and healthy connection with Holy Trinity Church in Wrockwardine Wood.  Members of the Church are regular visitors and there are two Foundation Governors.  Religious Education is taught using the ‘Understanding Christianity’ resources recommended by the Diocese.

As a Church of England school the majority of our Religious Education curriculum is based around teaching about Christianity. Due to our links with the church, 66% of our Religious Education curriculum time is based around Christianity. However we value the diverse community that we work in and celebrate the wide range of faiths of our children and their families. We do this through the other 33% of R.E lessons, assemblies and festivals. We teach our children about the other major faiths in the world so that they are knowledgeable and not ignorant of the make up of the world and modern Britain. We believe that this makes our children ready for their future schooling and work places.

Collective worship -which you may know of as assembly – is held each day and is a time in which we develop a sense of pride in belonging to our school community, when we explore moral and spiritual values in an act of worship and teach the tenets of our Christian faith. We recognise we live in a multi-cultural society and therefore seek to embrace religious festivals of other faiths.  Parents are regularly invited to join worship – especially celebration on Fridays – and church services for Harvest, Easter and Christmas.

Any parents seeking to withdraw their child from the act of worship are advised to contact the Head teacher who will organise appropriate work at the times of worship.