Working HardWe have worked very hard to design and choose a curriculum that puts the children’s experiences first as well as one which suits the learning needs of all our pupils. We wanted opportunities to have fun, to learn the key concepts of the new curriculum and to promote the learning attitudes the children will need to succeed in their future. The Sutton Trust (2014) found that the two factors which the most impact in improving pupil attainment are Teachers’ content knowledge and the quality of instruction. Our staff not only have the background knowledge necessary to impart the required content of the National Curriculum but also have the ability to understand how pupils think and to identify misconceptions. We use effective questioning and assessment for learning to maximise the children’s learning.

Tree of KnowledgeOur curriculum, which has been updated for 2016 using cornerstones resources is creative and imaginative. However we also recognise that children need skills and competencies before they can truly flourish in their learning journey. These skills need explicit teaching as do the skills for learning they will need to acquire for life long learning. We use the tree of knowledge learning model; the roots are the key skills which need to be firmly established before the rest of the tree (the creative learning) can blossom and grow. for this reason we teach English and Maths discretely (although we look for as many links as possible with the Topic work that the children are covering). We have also employed a specialist PE teacher and have an ICT teacher who will be teaching the children these 2 very important areas in their time here. in this way, we believe we can offer a learning experience that ensures the children here are equipped with the knowledge and the skills they will need for the rest of their lives.

We have recently updated our curriculum offer for the children and you will see below the overview of topics for the whole school as well as a more detailed plan for each phase. If you would like any more information on this please feel free to ask on the school office, who will direct you to the relevant member of staff. Also look out for our curriculum evenings where you can get yourselves acquainted with what the children are doing in school.

Individual subject information
Curriculum Montage

Safeguarding within our School

We have developed an open culture actively promotes all aspects of our children’s welfare; please read on:



Curriculum Overview

In the documents below, you will find and overview of the curriculum that we will be following for each year group.

Long term plan

Curriculum map lower phase

Curriculum map upper phase

Find out more about cornerstones

SMSC (Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development)

At Wrockwardine Wood Church of England Junior School, we aim to develop children as well rounded young people who are ready to live life in Modern Britain. For this reason, the SMSC curriculum is very important to us and provides a thread that runs through everything we do in school at every opportunity. If you visit school you will see and hear evidence everywhere of social, moral, spiritual and cultural education but these will give you a flavour of some of the activities and events that have happened over the past 12 months that the children have taken part in.

E-Safety lessons delivered by our local CPSO (Social & Moral)

Sign to Sing Charity fundraiser (Moral & Cultural)

Ths STAR project for Year 6 to learn about drugs and Alcohol (Social and Moral)

Our work with DIY SOS to raise funds for a former pupil. (Social, Moral & Spiritual)

Increased competitive sports competitions with other schools (Social)

Children running Christmas Fayre stalls to raise funds for school equipment (Social & Moral)

Residential Trips to Condover (Year4) and Aberdovey (Year6) (Social & Spiritual)

Forest Schools work to understand our impact on the Environment (Social & Moral)

Introduction of new R.E curriculum (Spiritual)

Prayer Space Day (Spiritual)

School Jobs such as ECadets and School Council (Social & Moral)

R.E Trips to non-Christian places of worship (Cultural & Spiritual)