Our Mission Statement

A Place of Love, Laughter and Learning

When we asked the children what they felt was important and special about our school, three words kept cropping up and so this has become our new Mission Statement

Friends at WWJOur school seeks, to the utmost, to create a caring, stimulating learning environment in which all children are encouraged to develop to their full potential, both academically and socially.
We aim:

  • To deliver a full and inclusive curriculum.
  • To provide enthusiastic, high quality teaching.
  • To inspire passion for learning.
  • To ensure children fully enjoy their time in school.
  • To set and maintain high standards for behaviour and achievement.
  • To live as a Church School on a day to day basis encouraging the Christian Values we uphold.
  • To involve parents as fully as possible in the life of the school and education of their children.


Our Vision:

We aim to build a strong partnership with our parents and the wider community to work together for the benefit of all our children. They will be supported as individuals to reach their full potential in everything that they do. Because of our teaching of Christian Values, both explicit and implicit, we will continue to treat each other with respect and tolerance whilst celebrating the unique achievements of everyone and ensuring equity. We will become one whole family where we feel nurtured, trusted and happy.