Half Term

For the week beginning Monday 25th May, which would have been half term in normal circumstances, our school will be closed. We have discussed with our heroic  Key worker parents and they have agreed that our services will not be required to look after their children during this week.

Instead, this time will be used by school staff to prepare for the provisional reopening of school to the year 6 children that are coming back on 1st June.

Our teaching staff will also not be providing any online work for this period as they will be using their time to plan tasks for the year 6 children that will be coming in for the following week. We want them well rested both mentally and physically so that they can be ready for what will undoubtedly be one of the most difficult periods of their working lives. This will hopefully allow them to be a calm and positive influence on the children that come back to one of the strangest weeks of their lives, making it as easy as possible.

We urge you to rest and relax with your children as much as you can too during the week. We hope that this doesn’t inconvenience you too much and that we can rely on your continued support and understanding at this difficult time.

Thanks for everything,