End of Term Message

As we come to the end of the most peculiar year in my whole career, I would like to say a few thank you messages.

Firstly, thanks to you parents – you have really been incredibly supportive during this time and shown appreciation for everything we have tried to do. Some colleagues have told me about complaints and criticisms aimed at their schools and the staff and I feel very blessed to be teamed with parents who understand the way we work here to try and give them the support we think they need most. You have stepped up to look after their hearts and brains when we haven’t been able to and you have backed us in our attempts to get things back to normal as much as we can. Thank you from the bottom of my heart – you have no idea what that level of support and confidence in us means.

Secondly, thank you to the children. We have missed you all so much but seeing you for these goodbye weeks has been wonderful and has reminded us why we love this job and the place we work so much. You have all kept smiling, trying and come back to school with your manners and kindness intact. You are a bunch of superstars!

Lastly a thanks must go to the staff here at school:  The cleaning team and Mr Evans who have been in every day making sure the building is safe for us to be in, the kitchen staff who have provided meals for anyone who needed one all through and thanks also to the office ladies who have worked right through this chaos sorting us out and preparing for our new team members arriving in September. Also to the teachers and support staff who have left their own worries at the door and come in to care for those children who needed us and to also give school a normality over the last 2 weeks that we’ve all missed so much. The school has had a lick of paint here and there so that we have something fresh to welcome us in September and that has happened because everyone has rolled up their sleeves as a team and got on with prepping, decorating and cleaning the place.

An experience such as we’ve all just lived through can show cracks, but Team Wrockers goes from strength to strength because we truly are a family here – staff children and families.  Each of us is equally important and by pulling together as we have for the past few months, we’ve come out the other side even stronger.

I hope you have a wonderful and very well-deserved break this holiday and we look forward to seeing you on Wednesday 2nd September. The staff will be in on Tuesday 1st for staff training. We will be running a recovery curriculum for the first half term to help us all move on from this experience and to get us all ready to learn again. I am so glad to have deferred my retirement for a term so that I can heal too, alongside those that I love dearly; my Team Wrockers.

Julie X