Doctor Day!

Hopefully your child will come home at some point in the next three weeks telling you about the First Aid that they have learnt in school. Each class is having a day to work with Mr. Pearson (renamed Doctor Dave!) on the basics of first Aid and will be taught how to put people in the recovery position, how to deal with choking, burns, cuts, how to call for help as well as many other things connected with basic First Aid. Please encourage them to show you what they’ve learnt and to talk you through what they would do if there was ever a medical emergency in your home.

Special thanks to Doctor Dave for offering this training to school; it’s certainly a life skill which we believe is crucial for all of us to have.

The dates for each class are:

Mon 14th 3C

Tues 15th 3J

Weds 16th 3L

Thurs 17th 6C

Fri 18th 4H

Mon 21st 4B

Weds 23rd 5J

Fri 25th 5W

Mon 28th 4K

Weds 30th 6S

Thurs 31st 6K

Fri 1st 5C