Do your kids want to come back to school to join our Goodbye Gang?

Hello to all of you,

We are very aware of how life has been turned upside down for our children these past few months and we are currently planning a curriculum that will be put into place in September to allow our children to carefully and effectively “get back to normal” as much as possible – more news on that shortly. We are considering an idea of how we can move forward to bring back a sense of closure at the end of this school year and I wanted to get your thoughts on it.

We are going to have a week (3 days actually) with all the year groups back in school in their present classes before we break up for the Summer holidays. Obviously, there will be limitations to what we can do but we do desperately want to be able to say a goodbye to our classes from this year if we can.

We will still be open for BOTH weeks for children of Key Workers who need us but NOT open for both weeks for Year 6 pupils – unless of course they’re the child of a KW and a year 6!!

So we are planning to find out who would want to send their child back in for a week at the end of the term and we will then split these children into 2 groups per class allowing for us to still be able to keep to the distancing rules that we have.

One group would have their “Goodbye Gang” week on the 7th – 9th July inclusive and the others would have theirs on 14th – 16th inclusive. So that If 18 out of the 22 children in class 3C for instance, want to come for a “Goodbye gang” week, 9 would come in on the first week ending their school year with us on Thursday 9th July and then the other group would come in on the next week, finishing their year on Thursday 16th July. One day will be used for a move up session so that children can meet their new teacher and we can also give them their old books. The Friday of each week would be used for a deep clean of every area in school and each Monday will be used to set up the rooms ready for the coming week.

(Due to childcare difficulties, 6K will have a slightly different arrangement – Their days will be Monday to Wednesday on each of the weeks).

Your child will be placed in a group and as much as possible we will put them with as many of their closest friends as possible (this can’t be guaranteed) but they will at least get to see this year’s teachers and teaching assistants again and have a proper time with their peers.

Could you email me if you would like your child to come back for one of those weeks please, so I can judge what numbers we will be talking about.

Just add the name or names of your children and a Yes or No. I will then get back to everyone with which week will be your child/children to come back.

I hope this gives us all a better end to the year and a small taster of what school feels like again (be it with much smaller classes!). The staff are desperate to say a proper farewell to everyone and especially to the Year 6 children who move to pastures new.

Speak to you soon,