Coronavirus update

Hello all –

Just a quick message to update everyone as to the situation in school regarding the Coronavirus…

Boris has said yesterday that at the moment schools will remain open and so we will be here until we are told different. If and when we are told to close, we will give you as much notice as possible and the children will be given suggested activities to do at home to continue their learning; these will be things such as reading daily and using TTRockstars.

In the meantime, schools are asked to take all precautions available to them to prevent the spread of the disease. We have had several lessons and assemblies about how to wash hands, deal with sneezes and coughs and so on. We have regular checks on the soap dispensers, towels and hand gels which are all needing refilling way more often now than previously so well done kids! Mr. Evans and the cleaning team are regularly wiping handles and doors and anywhere else that gets regular touches

As always, we will be guided by the Department for Education and  Public Health England and at the moment it is our view, based on information from those sources, that, until we hear otherwise, it remains a safe and proper option for children to continue attending school.

Many thanks,  Julie