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Welcome to Class 4W!

Welcome to Class 4W!

Miss Windridge, Mrs Collis and Miss Simpson are so excited to welcome you into our class, where the magic never stops, and the adventure never ends!







Meet the teachers!!

Miss Windridge

Hi! My name is Miss Windridge and I am the new year 4 teacher.  I love working at Wrockwardine Wood Junior School and I am so excited about teaching year 4! My favourite subjects are history, PE, science and English, and I am very excited about everything we are going to learn this year!  We have some great books in the classroom, and I would love to smash the reading challenge this year and get everyone in 4W discovering some brilliant books.


I love dancing and running and can’t wait to teach lots of PE this year!

I also like to bake (and eat!) cakes and am hoping that we can use the brilliant kitchen area outside the classroom for some cooking.

I love rollercoasters, water sports, climbing and reading.  I am slightly obsessed with space and science and cannot wait to teach more of that this year. 


Mrs Collis

Hi!  I'm the TA in 4W, my name is Mrs Colliss. This will be my 5th year working in year 4 so I know all about the exciting work you will be doing this year.


When I am not at school, I love going on dog walks with my Colliepoo called Sadie and spending time with family and friends.


Miss Simpson

I'm so excited to be working in year 4 this year.  It's all new for me, just like you guys, so I'm looking forward to learning lots of new things and discovering lots about you all. I have 4 children called Freya, Baine, Vinnie and Esmee.



I also have a dog called Fletch, a rabbit called Betty, a cat called Dave and a giant African snail called Eddie.

I love animals, books, the beach, going for long walks with a picnic, and gardening. 

My favourite subjects are History, PE, Science and Art.


Mrs Collis, Miss Simpson and I have spent a few days decorating the classroom with a space theme.  Here is a sneak peek and we really hope that you like it!

This is our class ‘research station’ where you can practise your research skills and find out more about what interests you:


This is the wellbeing bench.      

If you feel sad or worried or would like to talk, sitting here is a way of letting us know.  There are lots of books about feelings here, and the worry monster is always there to eat up your worries if you would like him to. In 4W we know that everybody has bad days sometimes and there will always be a friendly person to help you.


In 4W we value resilience, curiosity and confidence and we want you all to reach for the stars!!!