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Summer Term 1

ancient Rome | History, Government, Religion, Maps, & Facts | Britannica

Our theme for Summer 1 is Emperors and Empires. This will be a history focused unit during which we will learn about the Ancient Romans. 


We will be looking at adventure stories and non-chronological reports.

Love to Read: 

Our class text this half term will be Terry Deary's Roman Tales: The Goose Guards.

Roman Tales: The Goose Guards (Terry Deary's Historical Tales) : Deary,  Terry, Flook, Helen: Amazon.co.uk: Books


This half term we will be focusing on developing the children's knowledge in the following areas: addition and subtraction; multiplication and division; fractions.


We will be looking at animals, including humans.


How and why do some religions see life as a journey?

This is our big question for RE which we will be able to answer by the end of the half term. We will be focussing on the beliefs of Christians and Muslims.


Outdoor PE will be cricket this half term and indoor PE will be swimming. Both of these PE lessons will take place on a Wednesday.


We will be learning French as our modern foreign language with a focus on 'Our School'.

British Value focus:

Mutual respect and tolerance

Christian Value focus: