Children in distress at the close of school

Dear Parents and Carers,

Late collection of children at the end of the school day


Firstly, we would like to acknowledge and thank the vast majority of parents/carers who always pick up their children on time.

The impact on a child of not being picked up from school on time cannot be underestimated. The child that has been left behind will feel an increasing level of anxiety and distress the longer that they are left unsure of where their parents are.

Clearly this is not a good thing to happen to any child.

The impact on the school of having a child left behind at the end of the day is also great as it requires two members of staff to supervise that child. This means that those staff will not be able to undertake their duties in preparation for children’s learning the following day and this also incurs an additional staffing cost to the school.

Unfortunately, we are seeing an increasing number of occasions where children are being picked up late.

We are fully aware that there are frequently valid reasons or emergencies where the parent/carers have been delayed, and when the school is informed in advance of this, we will always take an understanding view.

However, some parents/carers appear to be unwilling to acknowledge the impact this has on both their child and the school and seem to think that the school is able to offer a free, out of hours childcare service. It is because of these few who regularly pick up their child late with no prior contact being made to the school that we are reminding everyone of the following:

  • All parents/carers should be onsite and ready to pick up their children when school learning ends at 3:20pm.
  • If a club is on it will finish at 4pm and parents should be there at 4pm ready to collect.
  • Children who are not picked up at the correct time will be taken to the Late Collection Room where they will be supervised by school staff.
  • If it is the first occasion of late collection and the parent/carer has notified the school that they are held up, then no charge will be made for the supervision of the child.
  • There will be a charge of £5.00 per 15 minutes or part thereof per child applied to contribute to the cost to the school for supervision of children if one of the following applies:
  1. A first occasion of late collection with no notification made by the parent/carer by 3:30pm
  2. A repeat occurrence of late collection by the parent/carer by 3:30pm
  • The charge of £5.00 per 15 minutes or part thereof per child will be expected to be paid on arrival. For example, if two children are collected after 3:50pm in the above circumstances, the parent would be charged a total of £20 for their supervision.
  • In line with the school’s safeguarding policy, if a child remains uncollected by 4pm then safeguarding processes will be started and a referral will be made to social services and to the police. Further attempts to contact parents to advise them of this will be made by school staff.

Can we also ask that you ensure that contact numbers are up to date and that mobile numbers are for phones that are switched on and checked regularly. We are aware that certain parents are ignoring the school when phoned – this could be a broken leg that school is advising you of and your child needing you. School does not phone for fun; they phone to safeguard children.

Thank you for your continued partnership in safeguarding the children and supporting their learning and wellbeing.

Yours sincerely

Governing Body

Wrockwardine Wood CE Junior School