Year 6 hoodies

Hello Year 6.

Your hoodies are arriving this week and so if you are not coming into GG Week, you will need to come down to school if possible to collect it and your autograph book too.

My apologies to those children who didn’t get the colour they asked for – it is COMPLETELY my fault. Please blame my old brain getting confused. I did want them to have a lovely memory from me but some may be a little disappointed. If they are absolutely distraught with the colour being wrong, please let me know and I’ll buy them another.


GG Week 2 important info!

We are really looking forward to seeing the next set of children back on Tuesday (Monday if you’re a 6K member).

Just a small word of warning – the year 6 children were obviously very emotional and excited to be having their last few days in school. Some of them were getting their autograph books signed and taking photos on their last day and forgot to keep in their own bubble.

If you are a parent of a year 6 child who is coming in next week please can you tell them if you do not want them to do this. We are happy to sign books all day but if you would prefer them to stick within their own group please tell them and us so we  know who to keep together.

Year 6 are allowed to bring a phone on their LAST day and get it out from bag at 2pm onwards. It remains their responsibility at all times. they will not need to bring a lunch or any money on Tuesday as year 6 get a special lunch that day. (unless they don’t like chicken nuggets and chips?)

There is no need to be in school uniform for any child next week.


Great homework

Collage 2020-03-30 19_34_40

We’re really enjoying seeing what you’ve been getting up to whilst school’s closed – from PowerPoints about famous Victorians and William Morris inspired artwork to baking and practical skills like tying a tie and doing your own shoelaces.  We’ve even had someone baking dog treats.

In my house,  we had an afternoon of family games, which was a great way of spending quality time without the pressure of learning. Even Dottie the dog joined in, although I’m not sure she enjoyed Trivial Pursuit.