Magic potions in 3C

During maths last week, we were learning about ml and l. We had so much fun making magic potions – the children had to measure out the correct about of ml and add it to their mixture to make each potion. Have a look at them in action…


Condover trip

The year 3s went home with a letter about an activity trip to Condover Hall yesterday.  This will be in March when they are in year 4. They were given a talk by the year 4s and they loved hearing about it. You have a letter early as it gives you the option to start paying it in instalments. Please ask your child about it and take a look for yourselves – it’s a beautiful place and really gives them a good opportunity to explore new things.



Science day in 3C

A week ago today we had our super science day. From walking water to static electricity and finishing off with making marble runs – the day was an absolute blast!!!

A huge thank you to the lovely parents who came in; the children loved it.

Here’s a snippet of our fun-filled day…

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