Reading Ages!

  Approx. reading age Our average reading age
Year 3 7-8 7.06
Year 4 8-9 8.05
Year 5 9-10 9.03
Year 6 10-11 10.00

WWJS Reading Requirements

At WWJS, our aim is to ignite the passion for reading. Reading is a vital skill that will support children’s learning across the whole curriculum. As a school, we will ensure that our children are taught to read with fluency, accuracy and understanding. Above all, we want children in our school to become enthusiastic, independent and reflective readers. Essentially, we want children to enjoy reading.

In order for our children to fulfil their potential in reading we need as much parental support as possible and we hope to work together in order to ensure that all children succeed.

Above are the average reading ages across all year groups. Children were tested on their understanding of words in different contexts. Thank you for all your support with reading. We have supplied the requirements for reading to this post. This is the reading that we do in school and the reading that we hope is going on at home.

Thank you for your ongoing support at home!


A Fantastic Opportunity for Next Year’s Year 5 and 6 Children!


Calling all Year 5 and 6 Children!!!!!

We have an exciting opportunity for Year 5 and 6 children starting in September. We need fantastic librarians to help us run the library, hold events for the whole school,  come up with and organise challenges and help to get children reading.

If you think this could be a great job for you, have a look at the job description. I will be opening the application process at the beginning of next year! I look forward to seeing you all soon!

application form

junior librarian job description