GG Week 2 important info!

We are really looking forward to seeing the next set of children back on Tuesday (Monday if you’re a 6K member).

Just a small word of warning – the year 6 children were obviously very emotional and excited to be having their last few days in school. Some of them were getting their autograph books signed and taking photos on their last day and forgot to keep in their own bubble.

If you are a parent of a year 6 child who is coming in next week please can you tell them if you do not want them to do this. We are happy to sign books all day but if you would prefer them to stick within their own group please tell them and us so we  know who to keep together.

Year 6 are allowed to bring a phone on their LAST day and get it out from bag at 2pm onwards. It remains their responsibility at all times. they will not need to bring a lunch or any money on Tuesday as year 6 get a special lunch that day. (unless they don’t like chicken nuggets and chips?)

There is no need to be in school uniform for any child next week.


A Fantastic Opportunity for Next Year’s Year 5 and 6 Children!


Calling all Year 5 and 6 Children!!!!!

We have an exciting opportunity for Year 5 and 6 children starting in September. We need fantastic librarians to help us run the library, hold events for the whole school,  come up with and organise challenges and help to get children reading.

If you think this could be a great job for you, have a look at the job description. I will be opening the application process at the beginning of next year! I look forward to seeing you all soon!

application form

junior librarian job description

100% for 7 years!

This young lady has been recognised by T&W for NEVER having a day off through her whole school career. From the start of Reception to the end of Year 6 she has been in school EVERY day. Just amazing – they have sent her a certificate and £50 in recognition.Well done from us to her too.

olivia cadman

GG Week one

Tomorrow we are looking forward to seeing about half the school back ( second half next week).

To minimise contact with each other we are asking certain classes to come into certain gates and to get to classrooms in different ways. So for the Tuesday and Thursday, when the children will spend the day in the current class:

  • 5B and all Year 4 children please come along St. Luke’s Drive and through that gate. 4B and 4H are asked to wait on the playground for staff to collect them. 4M can go around by Forest school and enter their room via the Fire door. 
  • Year 3 children, 5J and 5C (and hopefully some parents, are to enter via the double car park gate and the turn left to walk around the outside of the school building to get to the class from the Fire door. 
  • Year 6 children to enter via the pedestrian gate and wait on the front playground for their teachers to come and collect them. 


There will be members of staff on gate and around school to help with the directions 0- if they can get them right will be a miracle mind!

The Wednesday will be spent with the new classes so they will be told on Tuesday night what the arrangements are for Wednesday morning and I will add it here and on Facebook. 

Please share and spread the word to help out each morning.



A warning from TPS

We wanted to make you aware,  please can you pass this on,.


Yesterday an student at TPS reported and incident which had taken place whilst walking home from school – a student was approached by a male who had asked him numerous questions and also placed his hand on their back. This man has been approaching students most evenings on their way home around the St Georges area.


This has been reported to the police and the local safe neighbourhood team. Please use the below incident number if needed:




What we are planning for September

In September, we are expecting as the DFE tells us, that we will be back to normal in school with all of our children back full time. As we have some of the smallest classes in the authority, we will have no trouble with the limit of 30 per bubble of children.

We are very aware though of the effect that this pandemic has had on our children. In light of this, we have planned what we are called a recovery curriculum for the first half term in September. This will involve the children being given the chance to explore their feelings and worries, catch up on skills missed during lockdown, practise the methods we use to help them develop good mental health and also to teach them how to learn again.

Above all, we want our children to heal and we don’t believe that going back to school expecting the kids to work at the pace expected of them before Covid is possible. Many of you will have put a great deal of effort into making the time away from school as educational and enjoyable as possible and it’s our turn now to build upon that but also to equalise things for those children who may well have spent the whole time in isolation meeting no one and doing nothing.

Please use this link to read about why we are doing this and please fell free to express your thoughts about our work.

Framework for Recovery at WWJS – parents