Year 6 Transfer to Secondary School.

Dear Parent or Guardian

How to apply for a Secondary School Place

To apply for a secondary school place for September 2021, you will need to apply online at The online application system is now open.

The closing date for all applications is 31 October 2020. You must apply to the local authority of where you live, for example this is where you pay your council tax.

You can find out more information on where you will be able to find our information booklet. Alternatively, please contact School Admissions at

Yours faithfully


Great homework

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We’re really enjoying seeing what you’ve been getting up to whilst school’s closed – from PowerPoints about famous Victorians and William Morris inspired artwork to baking and practical skills like tying a tie and doing your own shoelaces.  We’ve even had someone baking dog treats.

In my house,  we had an afternoon of family games, which was a great way of spending quality time without the pressure of learning. Even Dottie the dog joined in, although I’m not sure she enjoyed Trivial Pursuit.