Mindfulness Thursday

Hi, just a little reminder for you all…


There was a letter sent out 2 weeks ago about tomorrow’s mindfulness day. The children and adults are going to be taught in sessions about mental health; what it is like, what the symptoms are, how to recognise it and how to manage it. To raise money and awareness for this charity, we are asking for a £1 donation and the children can come in in non-school uniform and they can bring in a toy/teddy (no electronics). Just something that helps them relax or chill.


Thanks, Mrs Cowan

Sea Life Centre Trip – Year 4

Sea Life Centre Trip – Year 4

It is with regret that we may have to cancel the above trip on the 5th October as we have not received enough payments to anywhere near cover the costs of the trip. We have to cover the cost of admission to the Sea Life Centre plus the cost of a coach there and back.

If you have not yet paid, please send the permission slip and money to the school office tomorrow morning. If you are having difficulties paying, please come and see me tomorrow and I will see if I can help.

Thank you, Julie Henry.

Cycling to School Safely

This morning, one of our children has fallen off their bike whilst cycling to school. The child involved was not wearing a helmet and has banged their head as a result. Thankfully, they are not seriously hurt, apart from a little bruising and a headache. However, this could have been much more serious. If your child cycles to school, please, please, please ensure that they wear the correct safety gear: the next time, they might not be so lucky.

A big well done and thank you to the other children who saw the incident and went to help. What a fabulous, caring bunch of people you are!

Dream catchers


To support our learning about Native Americans, Year 4 will be making dream catchers next Tuesday (27th March). We would very much appreciate any donations of coloured wool, beads or feathers, if you have any to spare. Your generous donations are always gratefully received and help us to make your children’s education all the more fun, creative and inspiring.

Many thanks in advance from a very grateful Year 4 team