A Fantastic Opportunity for Next Year’s Year 5 and 6 Children!


Calling all Year 5 and 6 Children!!!!!

We have an exciting opportunity for Year 5 and 6 children starting in September. We need fantastic librarians to help us run the library, hold events for the whole school,  come up with and organise challenges and help to get children reading.

If you think this could be a great job for you, have a look at the job description. I will be opening the application process at the beginning of next year! I look forward to seeing you all soon!

application form

junior librarian job description

Year 4 trip to Carding Mill Valley on Monday 20th May

Having learnt about Carding Mill Valley in our geography lesson today, the children are very excited for our trip! Here are a few reminders of what the children will need to wear and take.

• light layers that will fit in a backpack if taken off,but will keep child warm
• leggings, shorts or jogging bottoms (depending on the weather)
• no jeans if possible (they will get very wet and take a long time to dry off)
• footwear that can get wet and will be appropriate for rocky footpaths (preferably trainers that can be securely fastened to ensure safety, but otherwise wellies)

• a light backpack containing lunch and a snack,waterproof coat and water bottle(s) – no cartons/capri-sun please as these can’t be resealed for later. This bag will be carried all day so should be as light as possible. Children will need their hands free for climbing and carrying out activities along our walk so a backpack(drawstring PE bag is fine) is preferable.
• spare socks and footwear in a carrier bag (not in their backpack as these will be left on the coach)
• a strong, thick plastic bag for grass sledging (optional and only if the ground is dry)
• sun cream and sunhat (weather permitting)