TT Rockstars

Wow! Take a look at these amazing improvements in children’s speed on TT Rockstars. I am so impressed!


A massive well done to the ‘Rock Stars’ above. If your child isn’t already using TT Rockstars on a regular basis, please encourage them to do so; this increased speed in times-table recall will have a huge positive impact in their maths lessons (and beyond).

Mindfulness Thursday

Hi, just a little reminder for you all…


There was a letter sent out 2 weeks ago about tomorrow’s mindfulness day. The children and adults are going to be taught in sessions about mental health; what it is like, what the symptoms are, how to recognise it and how to manage it. To raise money and awareness for this charity, we are asking for a £1 donation and the children can come in in non-school uniform and they can bring in a toy/teddy (no electronics). Just something that helps them relax or chill.


Thanks, Mrs Cowan