Breakfast together coming soon

Your children may have told you about the different start to the day that we are hoping to start soon. We have received some funding to be able to provide a bowl of cereal for all children in school, each day for the next year. Ikea have also responded to my begging letter by supplying us with bowls and cups!

We are thinking about opening school 15 minutes earlier than now, at 8:30am,  and allowing the children to meet friends in the hall and to have a bowl of cereal and some fruit to start their day. Obviously some children will have had a large breakfast at home and may just want to come into the hall for a chat or some may even want to come into school at the official start time and be here for 9. Either way is fine by us.

The offer is there for those children who might like to start their school day in this way but it is NOT compulsory.

The idea is that rather than stand out on the playgrounds, the children will be with us in the hall, learning important social skills, table manners, playing or reading and generally have a relaxed start in the mornings.

At 8:45 the children will make their way to class and start lessons as normal at 9am.

The cereals on offer are healthy, non-sugary types and the milk will be semi-skimmed UHT milk. If anyone has any contacts who could provide us with boxes and boxes of milk, I’d love to hear from them as we haven’t been able to get that supplied for free yet. Fruit too please?!

If your child has an allergies that would mean this would be a problem for them to join in with, just come and let us know and we will see what we can do.

Any questions that you have, just pop in and ask.

Lastly can I say a BIG thank you to the support staff of this wonderful school who have offered to do all the domestic stuff that goes with feeding 200+ kids in a short space of time from setting up, serving, washing up and tidying away too. Without this we would not be able to offer this time for our children.