Classroom learning with fun!!

In 3C we have been looking at division in maths and carrying out debates in English. The children have blown me away with their hard work, resilience and overall passion for this work. Here’s a few pics to celebrate how amazing they are….➗👌🏻🗣☑️☺️





3C’s fun and fantastic week so far…

Just wanted to keep you updated as we’ve had a fabulous week so far. We’ve been verbally giving our friend instructions, following a set of instructions to paint The Hungry Caterpillar, recreating Paul Cezanne’s painting palette, making a mosaic AND we have had time to relax whilst listening to our class story, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Here’s a snippet of your child’s learning…

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What a great tea party and coffee afternoon!

Thank you to everyone who turned up for the Year 3’s tea party, contributed to bringing cakes and helped eating them too. We managed to raise an amazing £330.38. It was a huge success and we couldn’t have managed it without your wonderful support.

Have a fabulous week and thanks again for your amazing efforts!!


3C’s first few weeks…

Wow! What a wonderful first few weeks we’ve had together!!!

The children have settled in really well into 3C and I’m really starting to know them all – quirks n’ all 😉! They’ve proven how hard they can work and what fabulous personalities they have. Here’s to the rest of the year. Keep it up, 3C 😊

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Magic potions in 3C

During maths last week, we were learning about ml and l. We had so much fun making magic potions – the children had to measure out the correct about of ml and add it to their mixture to make each potion. Have a look at them in action…


Condover trip

The year 3s went home with a letter about an activity trip to Condover Hall yesterday.  This will be in March when they are in year 4. They were given a talk by the year 4s and they loved hearing about it. You have a letter early as it gives you the option to start paying it in instalments. Please ask your child about it and take a look for yourselves – it’s a beautiful place and really gives them a good opportunity to explore new things.



Science day in 3C

A week ago today we had our super science day. From walking water to static electricity and finishing off with making marble runs – the day was an absolute blast!!!

A huge thank you to the lovely parents who came in; the children loved it.

Here’s a snippet of our fun-filled day…

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