Monday 23rd March

Thank you to all our families who have found a place to safely leave their children today. We really appreciate it.

I have staff in today who are very anxious about what they might be passing onto the children we have in and also about what they might be taking home at the end of the day. They have still come in though to make sure we had enough people to cover. One member of staff was sworn at as she walked to work by 2 different drivers who asked her what on earth she was doing walking about (but in far less savoury terms); when she showed them her school ID and explained that she was required to do so and that they should mind their own business (!), the brave drivers scuttled off (presumably to their crucial jobs??)

The children are being great; keeping their 2 metre distance as much as they can and washing hands at every opportunity. It is a very strange day for them and must be hugely unsettling to be with staff they don’t really know and without the routines they have become so used to.

If you require a place tomorrow, please send your child in with a toy of their own to play with to avoid us using all our wipes and also their own tablet or laptop if they have one so that we don’t have to decontaminate the school equipment each day.  Scooters are welcome too. A packed lunch is still required (unless FSM) and from tomorrow please can kids come in their own clothes which are clean each day – this is to avoid spreading the virus. We will be doing the same. If you need a place please can you either email me or reply on here so that I can have the least number of staff as possible to limit the footfall and number of people out and about as required by Boris.

I hope this madness calms down quickly – it’s certainly not how  I wanted my last year here to end. We will help all we can and thanks to those of you who are doing the same.


Next Week’s plans…

The list is finally out but before you go online to read it, I would like to implore you to remember the following things:




Dear Parents and Carers of Team Wrockers,

To quote the government, as a country, we all need to do what we can to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus and we, as a school, are more than happy to do our bit.  BUT please remember that we have children and families too who we wish to protect. We will obviously be taking any infections coming into school home with us and many staff are already making the difficult decision that they won’t be seeing vulnerable relatives, such as my own elderly mum, for the next few months specifically because we may well be at more risk of catching the virus than other more isolated professions. My staff numbers are reduced for the same reasons that your families may not be at work and I can only see numbers reducing in the coming weeks.

So please, if your children can stay safely at home,  they should, to limit the chance of the virus spreading. 

The government has asked schools to remain open only for those children who absolutely need to attend. The fewer children making the journey to school, and the fewer children in educational settings, the lower the risk that the virus can spread and infect vulnerable individuals in wider society. Some of our children are already classed as vulnerable: asthmatic, diabetic, epileptic children as well as those with underlying health conditions and these should obviously be kept safe at home away from any risk.

Parents whose work is critical to the COVID-19 response include those who work in health and social care and in other key sectors outlined by the Government. You should get in touch with your employer who will be able to confirm if your role is essential or not. Many parents working in these sectors will be able to ensure their child is kept at home. And every child who can be safely cared for at home should be. Is there a non-vulnerable adult that could help out?

Another point to remember is that we will not be teaching the children, merely providing a safe care setting and keeping the children occupied (with worksheets and Maths/English activities). Therefore, please consider how a lack of regularity and routine in school will affect them, particularly as the children will almost certainly not be with their usual staff. We have been told that staff from other schools may be asked to care for our children if we do not have the necessary numbers of adults. Any sign of children in school being affected and displaying unsuitable behaviour will necessitate you collecting them and obviously, any child with symptoms of Coronavirus will also be sent home for 14 days.

A final point: we are already into our last boxes of soap and toilet rolls so as well as staff numbers, we are concerned that these may well run out too!

I am NOT telling you that your child will not be welcome in school next week; I am asking you to do your bit too. If you are a key worker and there is absolutely no one then we will care for them as best we can for as long as we can. We can only do that by keeping ourselves and our families safe and healthy – please consider that if you still feel you will need to use us next week.

Any children who come in next week will need to be signed in by an adult at 8:45 and attend in school uniform with a packed lunch (unless they are FSM) There will be no breakfast buddies or after school clubs due to lack of staff.

Please don’t hesitate to call me or email if I can help –

Many thanks as always and please keep safe,


Coronavirus update

Hello all –

Just a quick message to update everyone as to the situation in school regarding the Coronavirus…

Boris has said yesterday that at the moment schools will remain open and so we will be here until we are told different. If and when we are told to close, we will give you as much notice as possible and the children will be given suggested activities to do at home to continue their learning; these will be things such as reading daily and using TTRockstars.

In the meantime, schools are asked to take all precautions available to them to prevent the spread of the disease. We have had several lessons and assemblies about how to wash hands, deal with sneezes and coughs and so on. We have regular checks on the soap dispensers, towels and hand gels which are all needing refilling way more often now than previously so well done kids! Mr. Evans and the cleaning team are regularly wiping handles and doors and anywhere else that gets regular touches

As always, we will be guided by the Department for Education and  Public Health England and at the moment it is our view, based on information from those sources, that, until we hear otherwise, it remains a safe and proper option for children to continue attending school.

Many thanks,  Julie


We have been asked to pass this on to parents to inform you of the dangers of this site and the many other which we, in school, are seeing repercussions of children using.



PIP Meeting

Hi all,


Please feel free to join us for a social evening at The Bridge pub on Wombridge Road on Friday 28th February at 6:30 p.m. Bring along any comments, questions and ideas you have to make school better – or just come and have a drink and a chat.

Everyone welcome!

Tomorrow afternoon’s News!

We are exactly at the midpoint of the school year and so we want to remind everyone of the importance of their mental health and the chance to find some down time in the day for a brain break. Children (especially those with exams coming up) can often feel overwhelmed by pressure and as much as we try to lighten the load, they need a chance to switch off – as we as adults should too.

So, on Friday afternoon we are going to have a brain break session. The children will be allowed to bring in anything that they enjoy using on their own for a relaxing hour, something that they can switch off with – toys, books, puzzles even electronics (with headphones if possible) but no phones please. They can also bring in slippers and cushions or blankets – things that they use to feel secure and happy. They will be supplied with water to remind them of the importance of hydration and a very small snack to occupy their body with digestion rather than anxiety. We will try different styles of music to help calm the mind and also some aromas that are beneficial to relaxation.

We are hoping that the child you get back at 3:20pm will have learnt some important skills of relaxation and will be very chilled when you see them.



Tik Tok concern in school

We have yet again had to deal with the fall out of children being unkind to each other over social media in school today. 3 girls who illegally have the app “Tik Tok” on their devices at home have been calling each other names and obviously then bringing the argument into class. Please check whether your child has this app and be aware that the minimum age for this is 12 and over. If the children continue to use this and other messaging apps that they are too young to have, I will put the incidents in the hands of the safeguarding department for Telford and Wrekin.

Playground fall outs are enough for us to deal with – we do not need children coming into school crying over social media conversations. Please check this isn’t happening with your child.