Year 6 parents


Before your little cherubs leave us tomorrow, could I ask that you have a chat with them about the apps they are allowed to have on their phones and how they use them; it has been brought to our attention that some of our children have been sending each other rude, abusive and frankly shocking messages mainly through apps that they are legally too young to have.

I have also been sent a message that they are all sharing to avoid parents being aware


of what’s going


Might be worth having a conversation with your child?


Last Week…

Just a last couple of things…..

If you do find any scooters, skateboards or Flickers (?) lurking anywhere that you no longer need, I would LOVE them for the kids to use. The same goes for any toy cars, books, puzzles or anything your children have loved playing with and no longer need; it would be great  for them to have more things to choose to play with inside the hall at lunchtimes or on the dreaded wet play days!!

Lost property will be placed in the hall on Friday so that when you collect your little darlings, you can see if any of the items should come home with you.


Thank you.


Future Olympians



These 2 Year 6 children were selected to swim for Telford in a recent competition against other counties. We are already so proud of them because of the people they are but they also excelled in their races and helped Telford come FIRST!!

Definitely watch out for these in the Olympics to come.


Well done J and L. X

Job Vacancy

We are looking for 2 new members of staff to join our team.

(fixed term contract for 1 year initially)

These people will be working alongside 2 children (1 each!) while they are in their lessons.

If you are patient, kind, understanding and

hard-working then you may be the person for us.

The job will be for 25 hours per week paid at Scale 1 point 11 (£8.74 per hour)

If you are interested, please contact the school office for a job description and an application form.

Applications will close on 5/7/19 at noon.

Interviews will be Monday 8/7/19

End of term

Your child should have brought a letter home yesterday which read:

Dear Parents and Carers,

On Friday 19th July (the last day of term) we are closing school at 1:20 pm to allow your family to get away early, perhaps get a cheaper holiday or even just to miss the traffic on that last afternoon.

If you would like to collect your child at 1:20pm you will just need to arrive at school reception at that time and the children can accompany you home.

Only Year 6 children will be allowed to walk home unaccompanied (they will not then be allowed to take younger siblings with them), in preparation for their secondary experience starting in September, and only if the slip below is signed and brought back showing that you give permission for them to come home early.

If your child is a Year 6 and does not have this slip brought back into school, they will stay in school until 3:20 pm as usual.

Have a lovely holiday and see most of you in September.


There is a slip to be brought back into school indicating what you would prefer and if you can’t find it, just copy this one and send it in on a piece of scrap paper.

Child’s name…………………………….…… Class ………………………………….

My child:


Can walk home at 1:20pm on Friday 19th July (Year 6 only) 

Will be collected by an adult at 1:20pm

Will stay until 3:20pm

Please tick to indicate your preference

 Signed……………………………………   Print Name ………………………





£10 sponsorship

Thanks to the enormous number of you who have been diligently sending in your collections from local businesses etc. We are currently at £1200 of the £4500 we need.

If you have still got some donations could you please send them in so I can do a massive shout out to all businesses that have been so kind to us.

And thanks again!

More fantastic news!

We have just been told that the children and staff in school have been awarded the prestigious Primary Science Quality Mark at Gilt Level. This has only been awarded because the assessors who have been into school have been so impressed with the quality of science work done by the children under the guidance and because of the planning of their teaching staff.  The children here are extremely passionate about this hands-on subject and it shows in both their written work and also their conversations about what they learn.Thanks to those of you who have attended our science events and have also patiently allowed your children to take over your kitchen to explode their own volcanoes or play with food dyes on tissue paper; all this shows the kids how you value their learning.

A special thanks must go to Mrs. Hilton and Miss. Byrne, who have put together a portfolio of evidence that blew the assessors away and organised so many of the memorable experiences the children take away with them.

Well done Wrockers!


Stranger Danger

HLC Secondary has reported the following incident.


Yesterday after school in Marlborough Road (Hadley) near to a white put where the new houses are being built the following incident occurred.


  • Metallic silver car (quite small)
  • 3 men, mixed-race
  • The car drove towards our Year 8 student and pointed to her to ask her to stop
  • Student carried on walking, car pulled up and the front passenger man got out and walked towards her
  • The man asked her how old she was, the student ignored him and carried on walking. He carried on following her and asked her again.
  • When the student responded with her age (13) and told him to leave her alone he asked when she was 14. She replied it was none of his business and he said “you’re too young anyway.”
  • He then walked away, got back in the car and drove off.


This incident has been reported to the police.

Opinions please…

Our school has been asked to present a workshop to a group of other schools about how we go about supporting children in school. I have to speak for 45 minutes on this and am absolutely petrified! I would love it if you could help me but allowing me to use some quotes from yourselves about how you feel we support families at school (if indeed you feel that we do??!).

If you have something to say, please add it to the comments on FB or email school. We are always looking for suggestions of how we could help further to make life better for your children and you if we can, so all comments, good and bad, will be useful.

Many thanks and wish me luck on the 11th June!


Thank you Makita

We were visited this morning by Ian from Makita who had heard of our track fundraising through a letter written by one of our children and her mum who took it to work.

Not only have they donated various VERY expensive power tools but also got the management team to  put their hands in their pockets and donated £100!



A huge thank you also to all of the people who have brought in money this morning. What a fantastic community we are part of. A proper thank you, with all the names on, will be posted once I’ve got Mr Spragg back to do all the fiddly ICT bits!