A few reminders

Hello parents and carers,

Just a few polite reminders of some school events and issues:

  • Children come back to school on Tuesday 5th November at 8:45
  • There will be no need for PE kits that week as the staff are having their time out of class on the Monday afternoon after their training to keep as much routine and regularity for the kids as possible
  • Please remember that PE kits should not be clothes that are suitable for a disco or party. We ask for dark plain warm tops and bottoms for the winter with a plain white t-shirt
  • Also can I please ask that your child comes to school in the correct school attire; unlike many school who insist on logos on every single item of clothes the children are expected to wear, we here think it is far more cost efficient for parents to go to a supermarket to buy polo shirts etc. All I ask is that the children wear a school sweatshirt or sweatcardy with the school logo to show they belong to us and so we all look the same.
  • Please keep up the reading at home for those blue stickers to be attached to their record card.

Finally thank you all for the support and appreciation you give to the staff in our school. It has been a difficult half term as there are a lot of very tired children who seem to be finding life at school challenging at the moment. I am amazed that the staff are still standing and smiling to be honest and I thank them for all their hard work and patience. Please remind your children that sometimes they may occasionally have to allow other children to go in front of them or have a turn in a game. They might also be told no and will definitely be expected to do work whilst in school. If a child decided to trash their classroom they WILL be expected to tidy it up and if they break school equipment, replace it. If they think it’s ok to kick, punch or show other such rudeness to the children or staff here, this will be challenged and addressed. It is really not acceptable as I’m sure you agree.

I am hoping that after a good rest the children and staff will be able to enjoy a happy, safe and productive 7 weeks to Christmas. I look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday morning.


Enjoy a well-deserved week off everyone!